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Ekaterina, hearty congratulations on your exceptional achievement of passing your driving test on the first attempt at Botany RMS on this rainy morning! ????????️ Here is your full Australian driver’s licence! Top-of-the world job! Your determination and skill shine through, and we are sure the road ahead is lined with success and safe travels. Embrace the journey and enjoy every moment behind the wheel! ????️????

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Svyatoslav (performance 97.2%)

Dear Svyatoslav, The team at Formula Driving School is delighted to extend it’s warmest congratulations on passing your driving test on your very first attempt at Rockdale RMS this splendid morning! ???????? Your accomplishments reflect your unwavering commitment and impressive abilities. Here’s to a future filled with seamless journeys and thrilling adventures on the open road!

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Evgeniia (performance 96.2%)

Our heartiest congratulations, Evgeniia, on acing your driving test! You’ve achieved a remarkable feat, passing on your very first attempt at Rockdale RMS this lovely arvo. Your dedication and effort have paid off, and we have every confidence that you’ll be a superb driver. We take great pride in your accomplishments and wish you safe travels ahead. Take good care out on the road!

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