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Crashproofing Lives



From 1 August 2014 P1 and P2 drivers are banned from driving high-performance vehicles that have:

Power to tare mass ratios of greater than 130kW per tonne or,

Modified engines that need to be approved by an engineer or,

Other vehicles classified as high performance.

To search Transport to NSW database to find approved vehicles for P1/P2 drivers click here

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We are pleased to announce that we have completed a Safer Driver Course training Program for Coaches. Now Formula Driving School is authorised to deliver Safer Driver Course Module 2: In-Vehicle Coaching. To be able to arrange driving lessons as a part of Safer Driver Course we recommend all students to contact our Safer Driver Course Module 1 Provider – TAFE-Western Sydney Institute.

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Roads and Ports Minister Duncan Gay has announced alcohol interlocks are to be made mandatory for high range and repeat drink drive offenders, in a bid to reduce the number of drink-driving offences.

High range drink driving is anyone caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.150 or above. A repeat drink driver is some-one who has committed two PCA offences within 5 years.

Alcohol interlocks are an electronic device connected to the ignition of a vehicle preventing it from starting if the driver has been drinking, providing an effective physical barrier between drinking and driving.

Legislation will be introduced into Parliament next year, which also will provide for additional penalties for drivers who exceed their demerit point limit.

The decision to introduce alcohol interlocks follows a suggestion from NRMA Motoring & Services.

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Speed up your learning

The Safer Drivers Course is a combined theoretical and practical course for under 25 year-old learner drivers who have completed 50 log book driving hours.

The course has been developed by a board of independent road safety experts that considered the latest research in young driver safety and is specifically designed for young learner drivers.

The course involves a three-hour facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road. The second part of the course is a two-hour in-vehicle coaching session to help learner drivers practise a range of safe driving behaviours.

Benefits of attending a Safer Drivers Course

The course aims to provide learner drivers with driving strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances so they are more prepared when they drive unsupervised on their provisional licences.

The course also aims to help learners identify situations that will put them at greater risk of a crash and consider strategies that will help avoid them.

Gaining 20 hours of log book credit

After completing the course, a learner will receive 20 hours of credit in their log book, meaning they only need to complete 100 hours of supervised driving outside the course.

If they also do 10 hours of professional driving lessons, they’ll receive a further 20 hours of credit on top of the 10 hours they drive during the lessons.

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A Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) spokesperson today announced registration stickers are no longer being sent out with registration renewals.

“The change means registration stickers will no longer need to be displayed on light vehicles including motorcycles and trailers up to 4.5 tonnes from 1 January 2013,” the spokesperson said. “Customers will continue to receive registration renewal notices but from next year will no longer be inconvenienced by having to remove the old sticker and display the new one.  “RMS customers whose registration is due on 1 January or after will soon receive a flyer in their registration renewal reminding them a registration sticker is no longer needed. “Customers will notice there is no sticker in their registration renewal reminder. Further information on the change will be available on the reminder notice to help the community adjust seamlessly. “Vehicle owners who pay for their registration before 1 January will have already received their reminder which included a sticker. “These customers should use this new sticker when they renew their registration and leave it in place until new year’s day.

“The retirement of registration stickers will simplify the registration process for customers, significantly reduce costs for fleet operators and car rental companies and provide savings to the NSW Government and the community of about $575,000 per year.

“There is also the environmental benefit of reduced wastage of registration sticker stocks.

“There will be no change to the registration process other than the retirement of stickers and customers are reminded registration renewals will still need to be paid by the due date to avoid enforcement action. “Driving an unregistered vehicle is an offence and heavy penalties apply.

“Advances in camera enforcement technology will enable NSW Police and RMS to identify unregistered vehicles.

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