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Eco-Friendly Cars

Eco-Friendly Cars

With the ever increasing number of drivers on the road, vehicles are becoming a large contributor to the carbon print and environment degradation. That is why here at Formula Driving School, we train our learners using elegant yet environment friendly cars. At present we use a range of hybrid cars that deliver the ultimate comfortable learning experience while being economical on gas and hope to transition to electric cars or in the future.

Environment – friendly cars are continuously being redesigned and enhanced with more emphasis on reducing waste and pollution. These results in cars that require very little maintenance and producing little to no carbon print as compared to gasoline powered cars. Our priority at Formula Driving School of using these environmentally-friendly cars is therefore an essentially step in ensuring that our students are conscious about their environment and get to continue to use environment-friendly cars and adopt green practices for the benefit of the community and country.

Our Eco-friendly cars

Moreover, use of environment-friendly cars is not only good for the environment it is also good for the pocket. Hybrid cars use very little gas giving you higher miles per gallon while their electric counterparts use no gas at all. For electric cars all you need is to recharge your car every time it runs low of charge and you are good to go. The substantial savings that therefore accrue from using environmentally friendly cars are enormous.

Use of energy efficient cars also means that our country and our city of Sydney are less dependent on foreign oil and dwindling fossil fuels. We can therefore make sustainable development plans without worrying about foreign oil markets that are sometimes unstable. Gasoline and fossil fuels and are also a major polluter to the environment and using less of them ensures that our beaches are cleaner and therefore protects the diverse marine life that makes part of our ecosystem and beautiful country.

Some hybrid cars have been built with recyclable and sustainable materials. This in turn slows down use of materials that often lead to deforestation and habitat destruction. Our environment-friendly focus at Formula Driving School therefore sends a message that we love our city and we hope that it inspires others to do the same. Come learn with us; you will not only acquire driving skills, you will also learn to be part of a community that does good for its city and our great country.

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