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Crashproofing Lives

Focus On Results

Focus On Results

Driving lessons in Sydney

As human beings, we are constantly on a learning experience, mastering new skills and applying them in real life. Driving, like many other skills is a necessity at this age; delivering high mobility, we are almost every day behind the wheels running errands that sustain the growth of our lives and that of our country. More often we drive on the road subconsciously without remembering that roads one of the most dangerous places in modern times.
Every year, about 1.3 million people lose their lives as a result of road accidents, which translate to 3287 deaths every day and about 1 death every 26 seconds! Moreover, 20 – 50 million people are injured or disabled every year from road accidents. The sad thing is that the majority of those affected are young individuals aged 15 – 44 years; the very active years in any population. These are terrifying statistics and they are robbing our economies the most productive workforce. That every time you get on the road, you can perish or get injured and become part of the statistics is a very sad fact.
It is a perfect example of the tragic sarcasm of life. Driving, which delivers convenience and pressure also lucks with mortal danger at the same time. This has an effect or rearranging our reality. Can we survive in this contradictory and strange world?

Our Training

We are working on the solution to this problem. Focusing all our efforts and energy, we apply and practice the best teaching methods and techniques to deliver a learning experience that will change the world.

Our primary task is to prepare drivers that will have a comprehensive understanding of our roads; they will become comfortable on the roads as fish are in water. However, we will not forget to emphasize on the potential dangers that exist on our roads. As a result, our students will not only be comfortable, they will also be alert and able to deal with extreme conditions that driving on the road may present.
Our training will result in a rebirth of a new and excellently trained driver who is mentally and physically ready to face an aggressive environment with many surprises. Most importantly, this driver will also have room for continuous self-improvement as a result of the training. We make our students understand that to become a full-fledged driver, you will take years of training. That this is an endless exercise and even if you have unlimited driving experience there is no limit to perfection.

Getting a drivers license

Another important task is the preparation of students to pass the practical driving test and get a driver’s license. We can confidently confirm that most of our students pass this test with confidence on the first attempt. However, we do not have the statistics of the pass rate because in our opinion it matters very little. In a metropolis such as Sydney, most driving schools use the pass rate as a marketing gimmick, a practice we abhor and would rather deliver on honesty and results. Our business is well known, earning an excellent reputation and respect from residents of Sydney over the years.

In fact, a majority of our students come to us having been recommended by drivers who learned with us before. Seeing the quality of drivers we have put on the road; word of mouth has been our driving engine.
From the minute you start your first practical lesson, until you get your drivers’ license, we have a commitment to you with a focus of helping you achieve perfection. We will apply all the effort, energy, knowledge and experience we have to prepare and equip you with driving skills that you will find invaluable for the rest of your life.

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