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Crashproofing Lives

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Welcome to our Hall of Fame! Check out our driving heroes—do you have what it takes to become a Formula Driving School Hall of Famer?

We know that it takes dedication and commitment to pass your practical driving test, especially on the busy streets of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. That’s why we believe in seriously applauding students who have shown a determined will to win. These people have rolled up their sleeves, put 100% into preparing for the practical driving test, and passed their first attempt!

Driving heroes with this kind of fighting spirit can rightly take their place in our driving school hall of fame. With life membership, they know they’ve joined an elite group of drivers.

Sun TZUThe unvarying rule never relies upon the goodwill of others or fortuitous circumstances but guarantees them through knowledge, persistent analysis, and defensive preparation.
When the men are well-trained, rested, properly fed, clothed, and equipped, if their spirits are roused, they will fight vigorously.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               SUN TZU (512 B.C.)
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