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Help Point

Help Point

Are you preparing for the driving test? We are here to help. In our Help Point we will answer your questions. Our educational videos will help you pass your test.

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Preparing to drive and Leaving the Kerb procedure for automatic vehicles 

Kerb side stop


Driving Lessons

How many lessons does it take before I can drive solo?

Actually, what you need to ask is “To drive safely, how many lessons do I need?” Here at Formula Driving School, we see over and over again how this varies from person to person based on several factors, including: ● Age ● Intellectual ability ● Reaction time For the average person, it takes about 35 hours if your car has an automatic transmission, 55 hours for manual transmission. If you need more lessons, we can add them as needed.

When do I start lessons?

The most effective time is right after you receive your learner’s license. That’s when lessons have the most impact.

What hours are you available for lessons?

You can schedule lessons seven days a week. We offer appointment times from early morning to late at night. We understand how varied people’s schedules are.

Where are the lessons held?

We arrange the location at a spot that is convenient for you. This often means starting and finishing the lesson at your home, but we can also go to your office or school. Let us know what works for you.

What type of car will I be using to learn to drive?

We use the most modern makes and models available. They are the safest in the industry and have dual controls. We can train you to drive a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. All cars are fully insured.

What do I need to bring when I go to my first lesson?

Arrange payment when you book the lesson. Then the two essentials to bring are your learner’s license and logbook.

What about insurance?

You are covered fully when taking lessons at Formula Driving School. We are completely insured. We take your safety seriously on every level. In addition, all our instructors have passed checks for police and working with children.

When and how do I pay?

We offer several methods for your convenience: 1. Pay cash at the beginning of the lesson 2. Direct bank transfer to: Dmitri Sogrine, BSB 012310, Acc. 524978245 3. PayPal payments on our website We charge no additional fees for electronic transfer.

How do logbook credits work?

You receive three hours in your logbook for each hour with one of our licensed driving instructors. This is for a maximum of 10 hours, meaning 30 hours of credit. If your lessons are at night, they are credited as two daytime hours and one nighttime hour. This is the standard rule from RMS that is in effect for every licensed driving school.

If something interferes, can I cancel a lesson?

We realize that the unexpected happens. Simply contact us 24 hours before your lesson. That way we can book another student into your time slot. If you don’t give us 24 hours notice, we charge a 100% cancellation fee.

Driving Test

When it is time for my driving test, do you provide the car?

Yes, we will provide the car for the driving test. In addition, we do a one-hour warm-up or preparation lesson before the test.

What do I need to do to pass my test?

You shouldn’t have any worries if you started preparing early. Your instructor will set a goal date at the beginning of your lessons, then work with you to get you properly prepared by that date. To get you prepared for the actual test, we put your through mock tests and test route preparation periodically in your training. Just remember that safe drivers pass the test.

In my NSW logbook hour many hours are required? How can I get these as soon as possible?

The rules for new drivers in NSW under 25 who have an Australian learner license are that you need 120 logged hours, including 20 hours of night driving. You must have your learner license for 12 months. You can drive the 120 hours with a supervising driver, often a parent. Or you can do 10 hours with a licensed driving instructor, which is credited as 30 hours, then do your remaining 70 hours with a supervising driver. But keep in mind that the 120 hours does not guarantee that you are ready and will pass the P1 test.

I did my P1 test in a car with an automatic transmission. Can I drive a manual transmission?

Yes, you can BUT you must drive under the supervision of a fully licensed Australian driver. Display your red P plate in the normal way. In order to drive a manual transmission solo, you have two options: 1. Pass a second P1 test using a manual car 2. OR wait until after you get your P2 license. At that point, the restriction is over.

I have had a full overseas driver license for over three years. What happens if I fail my driving test?

You will receive a learner’s license. You will only be able to drive with a supervising driver and you must display L-plates on your car. Once you pass the test, you will get a full Australian license.

Do you guarantee that I will pass on my first test attempt?

No reputable company would guarantee that you pass on the first attempt. What we do guarantee is the highest quality test preparation you can find anywhere. If you don’t pass the test, we offer a $50 discount toward your next driving test.


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