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Crashproofing Lives



Here are some useful guides and handbooks for your attention

Online test booking service

View, change or cancel a test

Road Users Handbook

Questions to Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

RMS Online Demonstration Driver Knowledge Test

Guide to the driving test

Hazard Perception Test Handbook (HPT)

A Guide to older driver licensing

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW

Getting your Driver Licence

Demerit points offences:

Conditions for learner drivers

Zero blood alcohol limit for novice drivers

Conditions for Provisional (P1) driver licence

Conditions for Provisional (P2) driver licence

P1 and P2 vehicle and passenger conditions

P1/P2 restricted vehicles search

What to do after a car crash flyer

Drinking & driving The facts

Parent-Driver contract

Helping teenagers become safer drivers

Parent fact sheet: Helping teenagers celebrate safely

Roadside drug testing

Driving and medicines

General Driving Offences

Camera detected penalty notices

School bus safety

Safe school travel

Parent fact sheet – On the way to High School

The law & safety advice for bicycles,foot scooters,skateboards and rollerblades

Road safety A guide for families and carers of children 0 to 5 years

New national child restraint laws for 0 – 7 year olds

Guide to Parking Rules in NSW

Principles of safe driving

Car crash checklist

Breakdown safety

Tunnel safety

Rail level crossing safety

Pedestrian safety

Shared Zone

40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Areas

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