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Free Lessons

Free Lessons

Formula Driving School , Your Keys2Drive Accredited Provider

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Since 30/04/2010, Formula Driving School has proudly been a provider offering free keys2drive driving lessons that are Commonwealth funded. Our goal is always to help learner drivers become safe, confident solo drivers.

The Safest Drivers

Did you know that learner drivers are the safest on the road, according to statistics? It’s when they take the wheel solo that the risk increases significantly.  That’s where keys2drive comes in. It pairs learner license holders and their parent or supervisor with a professional driving instructor, accredited by the program, for a free lesson.

The purpose is to lay the foundation for years of safe driving by building confidence and skills. With keys2drive, P-platers learn to drive safely with real driving experience.

The coaching is thorough, done in actual road conditions and helps learners develop the ability to handle the car and traffic in a variety of situations, without harming themselves or others on the road.

The People Behind the Program

The keys2drive program is a joint effort of the Australian Automobile Association and its clubs, working with the established RACWAs keys2drvie program and RACVs Parent Plus program.

How to Qualify

Here is a list of requirements for the keys2drive free lesson:

● You must be on your Ls.

● You must have an Australian learner’s permit.

● You must not have driven solo yet.

Both you and your parent or supervisor can participate in the free lesson. The supervisor is the driver who accompanies you when you are learning to drive. He must be a fully licensed driver.

This service is strictly for residents who have never driven solo. If you have an international driver’s license and want to get an Australian license, you are not eligible.

What the Lesson Is Like

The free lesson is an hour long. It is based on the “Find Your Own Way” approach to driving. The accredited keys2drive instructor will give you examples of how this motto can be put to practical use when you are learning to drive.

The rest of the hour is devoted to hands-on demonstrations of driving skills. You will learn the best methods for practicing as you prepare for safe driving in the P-plate stages now and fully licensed driving later.

The lesson is an enhancement to your normal driving lessons, not a replacement for them. The goal is to empower you as a learner to “Find Your Own Way” to becoming a safe, confident driver.

Parents and supervisors also get a solid training from the free keys2drive lesson. They learn the right ways to help you develop a firm foundation for a lifetime prudent driving.

What to Bring

Here is what you need to bring:

● Your parent or supervisor: their attendance is a requirement.

● Parents or supervisor must bring a current Australian’s full driver’s license

● Your learner’s permit or learner license and Free Lesson ID

How to Register

Call Formula Driving School to book your free keys2drive lesson. To get the most from the lesson, wait until you have about 10 hours of driving time.

The first thing we need before we can give you an appointment is your Free Lesson ID number. You need to call or text the Free Lesson ID. We will then confirm it and let you know quickly about your free lesson.

Register for a free lesson

Watch the video below for an introduction to keys2drive. 

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