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Mock Practical Driving Test

Mock Practical Driving Test

For increasing the efficiency of drivers’ preparation for practical RMS test by Formula driving school there’s a unique method – simulation of RMS practical test (Mock Practical Driving Test). This method of preparation is our expertise. It has successfully proved itself during students’ preparations.

The driving test Simulation is carried out by the instructor of Formula driving school in the conditions as much as possible approaching real RMS test conditions. The driving test Simulation begins and ends in RMS that you choose. The test simulation lasts approximately 45 minutes. Within fifteen minutes of the test simulation termination, the instructor will lead a detailed analysis of test results filling in the special form similar to those used by RMS (Class C Driving test form). Any mistakes will be explained to you, and your points percentage calculated. This will allow you to judge more safely about your ability to pass the real RMS test. Our simulation will build your confidence.

In cases of package payments (applied to packages of more than 10 lessons) the driving test simulation is included into the cost of a package.

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