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Physical condition of the driver

Physical condition of the driver

Any kind of sport is rendering with a positive influence on person’s organism, but its most valuable types for drivers are: gymnastics, sport games, skiing, swimming, athletics. Sport assists in progress of the basic qualities useful for driver. For example, it is proved that time of reaction while sport exercises is able to reduce up to 10 %.

The majority of bulk information gets to the driver through vision. Therefore perfection of visual analyzers has extremely fundamental importance. Here sport can help to improve peripheral and central vision of the driver, to raise its acuteness. From this point of view sports, especially tennis and shooting are most useful.

Long persistence of driving, complexity of road conditions require special endurance from the driver base for which the general endurance serves. General endurance is well developed while race walking, running, rowing, bicycling, swimming, tourist camping. Even usual walking during 1-1.5 hours a day renders a beneficial effect on organism.

While driving a static endurance has a special value. It serves as a background on which all basic work is carried out. Therefore any sort of exercise on duration of being in one position (in sloping forward, laying in an emphasis, in hand standing, etc.) are useful and develop endurance, psychologically temper the driver. Shooting is also very useful for progressing of static endurance.

One more important thing for driver is his good vestibular. The advanced feeling of balance, on one hand, assists the best application of variety of driving methods, and on the other hand – creates a stock of stability, which driver can use in critical situations. For progressing of feeling of balance it is recommended to do skiing, bicycling and motorcycling, rail walking, walking on narrow boards, etc. Exercises on a trampoline are very good in means of training of balance.

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