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RMS Older driver assessment

RMS Older driver assessment

RMS Older driver assessment – $105 (including 1 hour refresher lesson)

This package offers driving assessment for drivers aged 85 and above to ensure they can safely continue driving.

  • It is conducted from the applicant’s home
  • The assessment is done using the applicant’s own car
  • The assessment report is provided and submitted to the RMS

Before undertaking a driving assessment, we strongly recommend that applicants take a refresher lesson which includes:

  • Preparing for the assessment
  • Polishing up problem areas highlighted during the assessment


90 minutes for both refresher and assessment $105

60 minutes for driver refresher $70

60 minutes for driver assessment $85

Please email, text or call us at least 24 hours prior to changing and cancelling your assessment to avoid being charged the full fees.

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