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I decided to go for a practical test without taking any lessons simply because I’ve had prior 8 years of driving experience (I was converting my license from international overseas one). Big mistake! :) After failing my first driving test (took me 10 minutes to make a handful of observation mistakes, and one no-go mistake sent me straight to the testing centre parking as they cease the test straight away once it’s failed due to covid) a friend of mine advised me to take a driving lesson from Formula Driving. I took 3 lessons from Dmitri – 2 rides around in a testing area, and third one was a mock test. Dmitri explained all the nuances, pitfalls, and things to watch out for when on the test. This bolstered both my confidence and driving skills. On a testing day I had zero anxiety or hesitation, I just knew I can do it. I ended up passing the test with just a couple minor mistakes. I do recommend Formula Driving and Dmitri in particular to anyone who’s looking to pass the practical test! I wish I wasn’t so brazen to book my first test without taking any lessons, mainly because any rescheduling is around 1 month of push-back. So if you want to pass, called them up and ask for some lessons and I highly recommend doing a mock! Thanks Dmitri and Formula Driving! Kind regards, Kirill.
Эрик Унгер

Когда я приехала в Австралию, совершенно случайно нашла отзывы об этой школе вождения и в частности о Дмитрии, как о супер инструкторе. И тогда я решила, что если я буду получать права, то учиться буду только у него. И вот это свершилось! Я сдала экзамен с первого раза! То что я хотела. И хочу сказать, что это действительно так! Это лучшая школа и инструктора! Начаала я с того, что изучила на сайте “Формулы” все вопросы для компьютерного теста на русском и на английском. И тоже сдала тест с первого раза. Потом мы с Дмитрием подобрали оптимальную и удобную программу тренировок. Он не просто учит для сдачи экзамена, но и внушает уверенность, рассказывает обо всех тонкостях необходимых водителю на дороге, при этом он достаточно строг и отмечает все ошибки и недочеты и благодаря этому очень тщательно отрабатываются все слабые места. Перед самым тестом я имела возможность пройти урок со Славой, что тоже было очень полезным. Потому что, я услышала второе мнение о своем вождении, также получила ценные советы и поняла, что это не так страшно. Выражаю огромную благодарность Дмитрию и Славе! Рекомендую всем и каждому именно эту школу!

Мария Нигритская

I had the most amazing experience with this school. I wanted a few lessons before my driving test. They provided me with an amazing instructor “Slav” who gave me valid advice and information that helped me to improve my driving to the standard needed. As a result, I passed the test from the 1st try and got my full driving license. Highly recommended and super professional staff.

Sameh al anani

Hi there, Today I have passed my driving test! I’d like to say huge thanks to Dmitry for his professionalism and the state-of-art methodology he developed over years of training experience! It is the method and systematic approach to every training routine that really works for all students! More importantly, Dmitry puts a lot of effort into teaching how to drive safely, not only how to pass the test. I highly recommend Formula driving school — the formula of your success in the driving test! Regards, Irina

Irina Gorozhina

Dmitri is very polite and knowledgeable instructor. Great training program. Start from simple and move to more advanced techniques. A lot of time dedicated to practice, theory not forgotten either. I’ve never learnt before but was able to pass driving test from the first attempt and can drive confidently. My highest recommendations.

Анастасия Кутепова

Simply the BEST driving school ever! No need to try other driving schools at all! Dmitri is so professional, patient and cares about his students! Even you think you could never drive, Dmitry could help you to become a safe and confident driver and most importantly he makes driving very enjoyable!
Thanks for help me to become a happy and complete driver!

Margaret Yue Jun

Для того, чтобы научиться водить машину и получить права, я остановила свой выбор на “Formula Driving School” и не пожалела об этом. Мне хочется выразить признательность Дмитрию за ту приятную атмосферу, что окружала меня. Это и чуткий, грамотный, профессиональный и тактичный преподаватель (инструктор), который очень внимательно и терпимо относился ко всем погрешностям и ошибкам, допускаемых мной. Также хочется отметить, что здесь очень грамотно составлена программа обучения, как техническая часть, так и, непосредственно, практическая. Я чувствовала себя довольно комфортно и благодарна за полученные знания и навыки вождения. И мне хочется, от всего сердца, пожелать Дмитрию и его ” Formula Driving School” творческих успехов, процветания и благополучия.

Наталья Линник

До того, как я стала заниматься у Дмитрия, я была уверена, что к вождению совершенно неспособна. Благодаря Диме, его профессионализму и спокойствию, я поняла, что это совершенно не так, и сдала на права, набрав 97%! Дима вел меня постепенно, от простого к сложному, добавляя новую информацию по мере усвоения старой. Он всегда придерживался спокойного и уважительного тона, какие бы ошибки я не делала – а ошибки неизбежны для любого, кто хочет научиться водить. Способность водить машину во многом определяется уверенностью в своих силах. Дмитрий вселил в меня эту уверенность, привил способность быстро и четко принимать правильные решения на дороге. Спасибо огромное! Мне очень повезло, что я училась водить именно у Димы.

Анна Выровщикова

Наша студентка Тамара Ньюман подарила школе вождения “Формула” вот этот замечательный торт. Тамара, спасибо за этот шедевр!!!

Торт “Формула”

Learning to drive was always something I had dreaded but the lessons Dimitri provided not only made learning easy but also a lot of fun. I found his patience and friendly teaching approach invaluable and instantly put me at ease. Throughout the lessons the correct approach to driving is constantly emphasised to the point where these habits has become second nature to me. I have, and will continue to recommend Dimitri to all my friends who are looking to learn how to drive. Thanks Dimitri!

John Power

I switched to Formula after starting with another school and the tuition I have received since switching has been massively superior. Dmitri is a really great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of doing the test. He is very easy going, knowledgeable and patient and he really cares about his student’s progress and ultimate success in the test. I was extremely well prepared for mine which I passed today. Thanks Dmitri!


I can’t thank DRIVE FORMULA enough for giving me the confidence to drive in a safe and cautious way. Dmitri is simply fantastic at explaining how to handle situations on the road and the road rules in a very patient manner. I began my lessons in a manual car around Mid-February and passed my test at the end of March. I did a lot of research and found DRIVE FORMULA prices to be very competitive and affordable for the great service provided. I found the Mock RTA Test were extremely helpful in the sense it highlights your weak points to work on prior to the real RTA test and gives you confidence to sit and pass the test. I performed 3 Mock Tests prior to my real driving test and by the time I was being tested, the RTA tester was sounding like a GPS navigator as Dmitri taught me everything I needed to know. It was up to me to perform. He drills the road the rules into your head and I find myself practicing everything he taught me to this day as second nature. I highly recommend DRIVE FORMULA and will recommend to anyone who asks. Thanks Dmitri for everything… no more public transport in the rain for me!! All the best! Warm Regards


I’m so grateful to Dmitry for his training approach and patience! He is a great instructor and I would recommend his school to anyone, who wants to learn safe driving and smart driving strategy. I wish Formula Driving School all the best! And heaps of thanks personally to Dmitry!


I cannot thank Dmitri enough for all his efforts in helping me to get my red P! As a teacher he is highly experienced, patient and meticulous. He constantly makes you aware of your surroundings and how to respond correctly. He uncovers your weak points and works on them until they are no longer an issue. ‘Formula’ is a perfect name for the school – there is a correct set way of completing every manoeuvre and handling every situation, and Dmitri teaches you so that the correct responses become second nature. And I will miss our hours cruising around! I had a lot of fun with Dmitri, and he really cares about his students. I’ve witnessed nervousness, delight and disappointment on his part based on how his students perform. My time with Formula Driving School was a pleasure and it got results. I have already recommended Dmitri to friends who are now his students, and would not hesitate to recommend Formula Driving School again in the future. Thanks Dmitri!

Aine Phelan

I would like to thank you for being an excellent driving instructor and assisting me with becoming more confident on the road as well as being cautious and aware of my surroundings. I found you to be friendly and professional which made me comfortable to be driving with you. Due to your thorough teaching techniques and strategies over the two month driving lessons with you, I passed my driving test on my first attempt and obtained my P Driving License. Once again, thank you.

Belinda Tolevski

Over the course of learning to drive I have had three different instructors and Dmitri was without a doubt the best. He was patient, friendly and still very professional. His personal techniques and rules made it simple and easy to learn even the most difficult of manoeuvres. He was more than happy to practice my weaker points until I was confident and this confidence allowed me to pass my test on my first attempt. I would recommend him very highly. Thanks Dmitri!

Roy Bhasin

Dmitri has been a brilliant driving instructor; before him, I had never stepped in the driver’s seat of a car before and two months on, I was confident enough to pass my test on the first attempt! The course is not only good value for money, but I was always learning something and I was never bored. Dmitri made each lesson fun and engaging, and because he puts so much effort in and cares so much, he really makes students want to do well. He is personable, friendly and honest – he would let me know each mistake I made and how to correct it and he was determined that I drive to the best of my abilities. I will definitely be recommending Dmitri to everyone I know. Thanks for all your time and patience, Dmitri!

Stephen Walsh

i just past my test yesterday, thanks to demitri without him i would not did that so quick. he is very patient and understanding, it yust feel like you have good friend with you in the car. every think he told me and how he told me was very good for me to understand, and it is not easy for me sometimes, why i am german. but with him , i did not feel bad to ask agin at all. he is a very nice person, and i will let some of my friends now , to go with him. i have to say it is a littel sad, that i got my P now, why i cant learn of him anymoor. that is why i ask him to take me, even with my P out to learn moor of him. yust to inprove my self moor. thank you so much demetri

Hanna Holliday

I found Formula Drive’s website when looking for a reliable and professional driving school after having bad experiences with other instructors. After the first class it was clear that this was what I was looking for. Dmitri is professional in every aspect, from his punctuality to the structure of his classes. His teaching method is progressive, which is particularly important for people used to drive overseas, and the mock tests are just genius.

Gaby Mora

Dmitri is very patient and understanding instructor. He has a good structured lesson and will adapt based on how you progress on your driving. Not once was he late during our sessions and is always 5-10 minutes early. I enrolled in his 10hr package to maximize time and money, I enjoyed it so much that I got another 10hr package which also includes the mock exams. The mock exams are pure genius! This gave me confidence when the actual exam came and passed with flying colors (98% score!). When my wife is ready to learn to drive, I will not hesitate to enroll her with Dmitri. In fact, I will insist to get Dmitri as her driving instructor!Do yourself a favor and schedule a lesson with Dmitri. You will not regret it. This is the best decision you will make if you want to learn how to drive properly! Thanks Dmitri and more power to Driveformula!


I just passed the test on my first attempt and I know I couldnt have done it without the excellent training I recieved from Dmitri Sogrine. His teaching method is perfectly paced. He is professional, patient and his course will get even the most tentative learner through the RTA Gauntlet. You will learn everything from basic maneuvers and road rules through to practicing the real RTA routes. The mock/practice tests see Dmitri acting as a very strict RTA officer and they are without a doubt the best way to build confidence before going for the real deal. I learnt so much from doing this course and frankly I’m kind of sad its over. Thanks for everything Dmitri. I will recommend Formula driving school to anyone who’ll listen :)..

Tyson Elliott

Hi Dmitri, Thank you for all of your effort and true professionalism. I really enjoyed learning under your thoughtful supervision and will be recommending you to my friends. Went driving today and felt ever so confident about it.

Mindaugas Skavronskas

I passed my driving test on my first attempt with a 100% mark! I just can\’t believe how much my driving skills have improved since I had lessons with Dmitri. He is a patient, encouraging, organised teacher and has great attention to detail. His advice is absolutely amazing and I would recommend that anybody get lessons from him if you want to pass the driving test easily!! I can\’t thank him enough and I actually miss having lessons with him.

Yui Kasamatsu

At 33 years of age I decided to tackle my fear of driving and take lessons. I could not have chosen a better driving instructor than Dimitri! His patience, knowledge, professionalism and thoroughness definitely gave my driving confidence a boost and – having never driven a car prior to our lessons – I passed my test on the first attempt with a 100% mark. Dimitri’s lessons are tailored to suit each individual student’s level of experience and through his organised and detailed lesson plans you can see how your progress is tracking. Dimitri’s teaching method emphasises practical, paced and safe driving techniques which I found invaluable as a tentative beginner driver and his mock tests are a fantastic way to build your confidence levels prior to your driving test (he is a very strict mock tester!) If you want to pass your driving test and gain the skills to be safe and confident driver, Dimitri and his Formula Driving School are your best bet.

Bridie Costigan

I am 51 years of age and have never held a driver’s license. I am intending to move to rural Tasmania in the near future and it became necessary for me to obtain my driver’s license as the property I own is fairly remote with no public transport. After searching the internet, I came across Formula Driving and have to say that it was the high pass rates and testimonials on the Formula Driving website that swayed my decision to take my lessons with Dmitri. Dmitri, thank you so much for your expert tuition (the mock tests were extremely beneficial), your extensive knowledge, your patience and for making me feel at ease during my driving lessons. As a result, I passed first time!! I would not hesitate in recommending the Formula Driving School to anyone looking to obtain their license. Tasmania, here I come!!

Stephen Newson

Thank you so much for everything. I’m so happy I finally got a good instructor? all the very best to you and expect lots of students recommended by me.


I just wanted to thank Dmitry for being such an awesome driving instructor! Thanks so much for your support and patience over the past few months, without your assistance I feel that I would not have been able to achieve my goal. I highly recommend Dmitry as an instructor to anyone looking for driving lessons.


Thank you for your time, patience and expertise you showed during my driving lessons. The directions and instructions were easy to understand and follow and it made the whole process more comfortable than I thought it would be. Thank you for giving me a lot of knowledge, confidence and independence. You are the best!!!


Road rules are there for a reason!” so says Dmitri. I feel more confident and safer behind the wheel thanks to the tough, yet very precise guidance of Dmitri. He is a very experienced, patient tutor who not only train and prepares you for the test, but also vital skills for future driving on the road. I will always remember “blind spot check!” in his voice whenever I turn.

Nicholas Fung

Hello Slava and Dmitri. Just wanted to let you know that I am sooo happy that i got my license now. Thanks so much for the inputs… I have been driving the family to areas we couldn’t get to before. I bought a Mitsubishi Outlander and getting used to it. Loving it. Thanks again. I will be in touched as soon as my husband gets his L’s for driving lessons with you guys. Have a great day.

Myrell Oquendo

Dmitri is definitely one of the best driving instructors you can find. I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of learning how to drive.

James Lim

I studied with Slava and the tuition I got from him was amazing. He had a book, a diagram, or an illustration for any possible road scenario so working through the theory was a breeze. He respected my driving style after I became a bit more comfortable behind the wheel and gave me tons of useful tips and tricks. As I have never had a car before, he shared valuable advice on all sorts or related things – picking a car, servicing it, even getting gas! I got my license after just 2.5 months of lessons over weekends and I can’t imaging I wouldn’t have gotten the coveted “P” so quickly had I gone with any other driving school. Highly recommend!

Katsiaryna Kuryan

I cannot recommend Formula Driving school and Dmitri enough – absolutely AMAZING! I had my L’s for 9 years, I was an absolute beginner and couldn’t be happier that I waited for Dmitri to teach me how to drive. I passed my P’s test first go and have so much more confidence on the road now! His patience, skill, awesome sense of humour and wonderful personality made it so much fun to learn and made driving FUN. He covered absolutely every aspect of driving and made me feel safe and confident all the time. Communication during and between lessons was also phenomenal; incredibly organised, flexible and professional. If you are looking for driving lessons in Sydney, don’t even consider another school – Formula Driving School is just the absolute best. You’ll be driving more confidently and safely in no time. Thank you so much Dmitri, I will definitely be organising more lessons with you when I am ready to get my manual licence!

Кимия Салех

Dima ya cdala!!! Cpacibo bolwoe!! Mne popalca Daniel – ooochen razgovorchivii no mne eto pomoglo – nemnogo racclabilac! Ckazal chto otlivhnie driving skills I ne nado bit nervous! Cpacibo ogromnoe ewe raz.. Prava poluchau.  Ewe on ckazal, chto vi otlichnii instructor (ya konechno coglacilac!!) I emu vcegda priyatno ezdit c vawemi ctydentami – i konechno je co mnoi.. ?

Татьяна Ильюшкина

За несколько уроков Дмитрий научил мою дочь водить машину лучше, чем вожу я, чем водит моя жена и гораздо лучше, чем водит моя теща. Спасибо Дима, ты не только научил дочку водить машину, но и пересадил тещу на заднее сидение – пусть там наслаждается видами из окна.

Михаил Тюриков

Дима, огромное вам со Славой спасибо! До сих пор не могу поверить, что сдала с первого раза! спасибо за прекрасный подход к обучению – без стресса и давления. Буду теперь рассекать по улицам Сиднея “белым лебедем”  вам удачи и дальнейшего процветания! Спасибо!

Алена Севидова

Дима, спасибо Вам огромнейшее за проделанную работу и пройденный со мной долгий и сложный путь. Всего Вам самого наилучшего!

Елена Абрамова

Great support and teaching, Dmitry is a great instructor, very patient and helpful. It was an absolute pleasure taking the classes with Formula Driving School, I strongly recommend this school for anyone who wants to get their license. Once again thank you for your support.

Ekaterina Zhilina