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Crashproofing Lives

Unique drills

Unique drills

Looking into the future

From the very first day that we started Formula Driving School, we have always strived to be the best in the industry. We apply the most advanced technologies and techniques in our line of work to deliver skills that are useful to individuals and society at large. With a focus on the future, our trajectory and development goals aim at achieving more for our students, staff and society.

That is the reason why we give special attention on the continuous improvement of our qualification levels. Our instructors attend regularly seminars convened by the Australian Driver Trainers Association, RMS and other specialized professional training to improve and share on their skills and techniques. We are therefore able to keep our hands at the heart of the industry, never missing an opportunity to grow professionally. This has helped to share knowledge and experiences much better with our esteemed students.

Using the classical methods of training drivers, our instructors simultaneously implement their own unique experiences and exercises to suit each learner’s needs.

Furthermore, we are actively and with great interest integrating the latest digital driver training techniques to supplement our instructions. Currently, we are using special professional computer applications that help deliver driving content to our students quickly and efficiently. We realize that digital technologies are the present and future of our civilization; with the advent of artificial intelligence and robots, technology is taking a hold on our lives. Well until when it won’t…

Professional computer applications

We use simple devices as well for our training. Our arsenal includes a laser rangefinder and a stopwatch, that help us perfect the driver’s eye and get a better feeling of the space-time continuum when making decisions on the road.

Lazer Rangefinder

Another training accessory we have great pride in is the Steering Wheel Trainer (Steering Wheel Simulator). This is a simple but remarkable device that is actively used by our instructors to train our first time learners how to steer the wheel properly and develop the necessary muscular memory. Sometimes we assign our students practical homework using this simulator, giving it out for hire without charging extra fees.

Steering Wheel Trainer

For quick and qualitative achievement of our set goals, we also apply well-researched Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques in our training. The power of the spoken word can be a powerful tool especially in an aggressive environment that our roads sometimes are. We therefore aim to create an emotionally and psychologically balanced driver who will be able to make tough decisions on the road when life depends on it. We are actively and constantly improving ourselves in that direction for the benefit of our students.

We also have on-board recorders installed on our cars which allow us to collect video materials for developing our own video training materials. With very unique experiences our learners are able to apply new techniques and it gives us great pleasure to continue actively working towards this direction. In fact, our innovative projects were recognized during the winter conference of the Australian Driver Trainers Association , where our school was awarded the ADTA Industry Innovation Award 2016.

Our main motto as Formula Driving School is ‘Crashproofing Lives’, which in essence characterizes the priority we put on road safety. ‘Looking into the Future’ is our life creed, the vector of our development.

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