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Crashproofing Lives



All our dual control cars are fully insured.

A. Toyota Prius C i-Tech 2019 – automatic

Training to drive by using Toyota Prius C i-Tech is a combination of educational process with absolute pleasure. Toyota Prius C i-Tech acts like a part of you – and which looks a part: a car that’s fun to drive, yet delivers a whole range of important benefits. Like smooth, user-friendly and comfortable driving, superior environmental performance and world-class safety. This is a car that delivers impressive acceleration and performance, with satisfying agile response when you need it most. The car is equipped with dual brake control, tinted windows, climate control and fantastic world class safety features.

B. Toyota Prius C 2017 – automatic


The 2017 Prius C is a fuel-sipping, city-friendly car that is perfect to learn to drive with. Featuring a compact and slimmer design, this car offers first time drivers a comfortable seating space with all the modern features you can expect from any city car. Moreover, it is light and agile and parks easily; a factor that enables most drivers to master their driving skills faster.
Since this car uses automatic transmission, it is perfect for learners who are just starting their driving lessons. Its operation is not complicated like those with manual transmission cars where drivers have to learn to use three pedals. Even a student who has never handled a car steering wheel will be very comfortable on their first practical driving lesson.
Furthermore, this car has a solid feel on the road. Being compact and lightweight, it is also very easy to maneuver; whether overtaking, changing lanes or even parking. As such, our students are able to build confidence quickly while on the road and can be able to drive comfortably any car thereafter.

C. Toyota Prius C 2014 – automatic

When you are zipping about town, Prius C also helps you safe, with a sophisticated passive safety system – including seven airbags and a front and side collision structure – as well as active safety features like Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-skid Braking System, Brake Assist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, and more. The car is equipped with double brakes control, tinted glass and climate control. The petrol engine volume is 1.5 litres.

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