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From 19 December 2009, there are changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme for learner drivers.

Learner drivers who complete a one hour structured driving lesson with a fully licensed driving instructor can record three hours driving experience in their Learner driver log book. A maximum of 10 hours of lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours in the Learner driver log book. In addition, learner drivers who are aged 25 and over will no longer be required to present a Learner driver log book prior to attempting the driving test. Note: These changes do not mean driving lessons are compulsory or that you should stop having lessons after reaching the 10 hours of training.

 Structured lessons

A fully licensed driving instructor must develop each structured lesson in conjunction with the supervising driver and their learner driver using the Driving instructor structured lesson planner. Driving instructors are required to keep a copy of each lesson plan completed in the Driving instructor structured lesson planner for auditing purposes. This is in order to ensure that learner drivers are receiving high quality structured lessons tailored to the needs of each learner driver. Each lesson must aim to develop and enhance the learner driver’s practical application of low risk driving principles, as outlined in the Learner driver log book. The Structured lesson record keeper is a summary of the structured lessons conducted on road by a fully licensed driving instructor. Structured lesson record keeper inserts are available from RTA Motor Registries, RTA Contact Centres or you can download a copy by accessing the link at the bottom of this page. This insert must be attached to the Declaration of Completion, on page 111 of the Learner driver log book. Structured driving lessons are to be recorded on the Structured lesson record keeper in order to be recognised under this new scheme. In addition any lessons recorded in the Learner driver log book prior to 19 December 2009 can be transferred from the log book to the insert. A Supplementary Declaration is included on the insert and must be signed by a supervising driver for the insert to be recognised under this new scheme.

Lessons conducted at night (between sunset and sunrise) count for only one hour of night driving towards the required 20 hours, with two hours to be added to day driving hours in the log book.

When a learner driver has recorded 10 hours of lessons, on the Structured lesson record keeper, then the driving instructor resumes entering the lesson hours into the Learner driver log book

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To better balance the safety of all road users with the independence and mobility of older drivers, changes to the licensing system are in effect from 1 December 2008. The main changes are outlined below.

If you’re an older driver, the main changes that will affect you are:

Annual medical check-ups now start from the age of 75, instead of 80. Eight weeks before your birthday each year, you’ll receive a medical report form for your doctor to complete, which you’ll need to return to any RTA motor registry.

Practical driving assessments for drivers from the age of 85 will now be every two years (age 85, 87, 89 etc) instead of every year.

Drivers now have the option of taking a driving assessment from home. Assessments can now be conducted in many areas of NSW by driving instructors accredited by the RTA, on a ‘fee for service’ basis. This gives you the option to take an assessment from your home rather than from an RTA motor registry. However, you still have the option of taking the driving assessment from the RTA at no charge.

Drivers have the option of a modified licence and will not be required to take an assessment. If you’re still a competent driver but no longer feel comfortable driving in certain situations (for example, driving over long distances), talk to your local RTA motor registry. The manager may issue you with a modified licence based on your individual driving needs. A practical assessment is not required for a modified licence.

Nearly 85? Look out for your copy of ‘A guide to older driver licensing’

This guide contains more detailed information on the new licensing system, including what to expect when you’re tested.

You can expect to receive your first copy in the mail just prior to your 85th birthday. Alternatively, you can download a copy from the box at the bottom of this page or pick one up at your local RTA registry.

Prefer to speak with someone?

If you’d like to speak to someone about the new system, including information on accredited assessors, call the RTA Older Driver Hotline on 1300 663 628.

A guide for older drivers

This guide aims to give older drivers information about how to determine whether they are driving safely, how to continue to drive safely and when to hand their licences in to the RTA.

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