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Crashproofing Lives

The RTA is changing the look of licences for under 18 year olds

From late May 2010, learner and provisional (P1 and P2) driver licences issued to under 18s will incorporate new security features.

The new look licences will have the following additional security features: The date of birth of the licence holder will be repeated in the card background. A red box will surround the facial image. A reference to the date of the holder’s 18th birthday will appear in the banner of the card. The new features will be introduced progressively in motor registries across NSW. They will enhance the security features on the licence and will facilitate the visual identification of the age of under 18s.

The new licence will remain valid after the holder has turned 18 and will be valid until the expiry date shown on the card. Licences already issued to under 18s without these new security features will remain valid until the card’s expiry date.

Licences issued to over 18s will not be changing.